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How to Apply for Credit and Loans

How to Apply for Credit and Loans

Bankinter is due to the different financing options that exist in the market in terms of loans and personal loans , we may have doubts about which is the best option to choose according to our needs and possibilities. It is often difficult to find the ideal plan that allows us to make payments that fit our pocket and do not unbalance us financially.

That is why today we will talk about one of the most convenient and advantageous alternatives for its characteristics and peculiarities, we are talking about Bankinter’s personal loans, which will allow you to fulfill all your personal and professional purposes, always having the confidence that you will be able to return in monthly installments that suit you and under the term you choose.

If you want to know more about Bankinter and the investment and financing services and products offered to its clients, we invite you to continue reading this article.

What is Bankinter?

More than 50 years back Bankinter, an institution set up in June 1965 as the union of two of the major banks of that time. Since 1972 it has been listed on the Madrid stock exchange and is an institution totally independent of its founders.

Nowadays, Bankinter is an institution recognized as a commercial bank that has a presence in different countries and serves thousands of satisfied customers. It is an institution with all the accreditations and regulations to operate under the legal norm, so you can deposit all your trust in this institution.

Among the products offered to its customers you can find credit and savings cards, investment instruments with a rating of 1/6 (this being the lowest risk investment mark). You will also find different forms of financing such as mortgages and personal loans, each with different characteristics, payment schemes, interest rates and months to return the payment.

Advantages of choosing Bankinter personal loans

 Advantages of choosing Bankinter personal loans

It is important to compare the advantages and benefits offered by one bank over another, since each one has its own characteristics, which may not always be the most convenient for us.

The advantages of applying for a personal loan with Bankinter are many, and you will be able to notice them from the first moment you start your application:

  • Up to 96 months to return the total of your loan.
  • You can request up to 90,000 Euros to be returned at the time you choose.
  • Flexible and competitive interest rates that adapt to your personal situation.
  • Customer service available in several languages and trained to assist you in any situation that may arise.
  • The process to start your credit application is very simple, and you can start it online or by phone.
  • The requirements are minimal and you will most likely be a good candidate for your credit to be accepted.
  • Online simulators so that you can decide the total amount to pay month after month.
  • The prestige of being part of one of the most important and prestigious banking companies.
  • Online banking for your convenience.
  • Branches in different locations in Spain available to assist you.
  • Possibility of acquiring other Bankinter financial products.

The main characteristics of Bankinter personal loans

 The main characteristics of Bankinter personal loans

Bankinter is a financial institution with more than 50 years of experience, which has different characteristics with which you can properly manage your personal loan without fear of a day when you can not pay it or that interest gets out of your hands.

Some of the most important characteristics of Bankinter are:

  • Bankinter personalizes each of the personal credits so that the monthly installments are the most balanced and fair for you. In this way, you will always be calm with your payments and you will not be overwhelmed with excessive payments that you simply can not afford.
  • Bankinter will never offer you a loan that goes out of your hands and that is impossible to return according to your current income.
  • If you wish, you can return the loan in advance, which will not generate any additional charge or extra interest, unlike other banks that ask for a commission for early repayment.
  • You can check the amount to be paid and the payment dates before you take out the loan, thus ensuring that it is the best option for you.
  • Bankinter offers all types of financing and investment products that will be very convenient for you and yours. In addition, if you have other products such as Bankinter accounts or insurance, you will have access to preferential rates and other promotions.

Is it safe to apply for a loan at Bankinter?

All personal loans and other Bankinter products are backed by the quality and prestige that it guarantees to this financial institution. Bankinter is an institution that operates under all the necessary regulations to provide financial and investment products such as loans, mortgages, credits, cards, savings and investment instruments, as well as mortgages and many more.

You can rest assured that you are putting your trust in Bankinter professionals, you will always find advice and guidance so that you can choose the personal loan that suits you best depending on your personal situation.

Your personal data will also always be safe, because when you log in to the Bankinter online banking portal, you will find a page that complies with all the latest generation security protocols, which prevents third parties from stealing your data. personal or banking.

All information provided will always be confidential between Bankinter and you.

Credit and loan requirements Bankinter

 Credit and loan requirements Bankinter

To apply for a credit or personal loan at Bankinter, you will need to have some documentation at hand to start your application, these documents are:

  • Official identification updated (DNI or residence letter)
  • Last Income Statement
  • Three last payroll receipts or any other proof of income.

It is important that you also take into account that you must be of legal age and resident of Spain so that you can initiate your credit application.

If you are already a Bankinter customer, you do not need to present all this documentation, you simply have to start your credit application by logging into your online banking, or by phone to the customer service numbers. If you prefer you can also go to one of Bankinter’s many branches.

In any of the cases, you will always receive personalized attention and advice so that you have clear all the application procedures, payment schemes and interest rates.

Interest rates on loans and personal loans Bankinter

Interest rates vary depending on the purpose you seek to give your loan, the income you can check, the amount requested and the term you choose to repay the loan.

The most advisable thing is that you use the loan simulator available for free on the official Bankinter website so you can find the interest rate that suits your needs and your possibilities.

In this way, you can access personal loans with rates as low as 4.95% TIN with 5.06% APR , depending on your personal situation, amount requested and time to return it. Something important to take into account, that any of the schemes you choose, the APR of your loan will never exceed 29.25%, so you can request with complete confidence and confidence the personal loans that Bankinter has for you.

Can you ask for a loan with ASNEF in Bankinter?

If your name is on a delinquency list, either ASNEF or any other, it may become more complicated for any bank to decide to approve your loan application.

Bankinter does not specify on its website if it admits requests to clients that are in the ASNEF, so it is most convenient for you to contact the Bankinter executives by phone, e-mail, video call or by going to a bank. of the many Bankinter branches.

This way you can tell them your situation and rest assured that they will find a way to finance your personal needs.

Bankinter mobile application and customer service

Bankinter takes very seriously the way in which it relates to its customers, so if you plan to hire a product or service with them, or if you are already a customer, you can contact Bankinter Responde, where you will find executives who will kindly attend to your problems and They will solve your doubts on any subject.

You will find attention in Spanish, Catalan and English, and you can also communicate by other means such as E-mail, Video Call or going to your nearest branch. If you want to know more about the different ways to get in touch with Bankinter, go to the bank’s official website.

For the time being, Bankinter does not have a mobile application to perform movements or operations, but with an online portal that you can access from any browser, either from mobile phones, tablets or computers.

From this portal you can perform all the operations you would normally do from a branch, with the advantage that you can do them from the comfort of your home or office. To access the Bankinter online portal, simply call the Bankinter Responde customer service number, where they can guide you to obtain the access codes to your online bank.

Types of loans and credits Bankinter

The loans and credits in Bankinter can be used for any purpose you wish. Whether to reform your home, buy a car, continue your studies, take a trip or a purchase, you can find in Bankinter a very good option that will allow you to finance what is necessary so that all your goals and purposes can be carried out.

Bankinter’s personal loans have the following characteristics that distinguish them for the benefit of other financial institutions:

  • You can apply for personal loans ranging from 3,000 euros to 90,000, so they are very convenient for small, medium or large projects.
  • You have from one year to 8 to make the full refund of your loan, being able to choose to return it in monthly payments ranging from 12 to 96 months.
  • The interest rate applied on your personal loan will be higher for small loans, and lower for larger loans.
  • There is a small opening commission of 2.00% that will always be reflected clearly and accurately.
  • The amount you choose to pay at the beginning will be what you will have to pay during the life of your credit.
  • By contracting this personal loan with Bankinter, you can have at your disposal other Bankinter products that will bring you multiple benefits such as life insurance.

How to apply for Bankinter Online loans

 How to apply for Bankinter Online loans

If you are already convinced that Bankinter is the best option to apply for your personal loan, you have different ways to contact them to start your application:

  • Go to the official Bankinter website and click on the Loans section. Then you must use the personal loan simulator to choose the payment scheme that best suits your needs according to the amount you request and the time in which you want to pay. Once you have found the payment scheme that best suits you, click on continue and you will have to fill out the form with your contact information and send a copy of your documents. Your application will be evaluated and in a very short time you will receive a response on the following steps to complete the contracting of your loan.
  • You can also call the Bankinter Responde service number by phone. There you can personally talk to an executive who will help you create the best monthly payment plan that will allow you to fulfill your purposes with the personal financing you will receive.
  • On the other hand, you can also choose to go to your nearest branch of Bankinter, where you will receive friendly and personalized attention, and you can solve all your doubts about it.

How to return Bankinter credits

By requesting a personal loan with Bankinter you can choose how you will return the payment. Since you start this procedure, you can use the available simulator to find a fixed monthly fee that you can pay without any problem.

The time to return the loan is also very flexible, and you can have a period of up to 96 months (8 years) to complete the total return of your personal loan. That way, whether you decide to return your payment in the short, medium or long term, you will always have different options so that nothing stops you when you want to carry out all your personal and professional projects.

If you are already a Bankinter customer, you can easily direct your personal loan to your existing account, and if you need to ask for information about other financing options, we recommend you call Bankinter Responde customer service, where you will find the advice you need in this regard.

Extensions and postponements of the Bankinter Online loan

The extensions and deferrals can become something indispensable in all banks, since we are all exposed to suffer an accident, disability, or difficult situation in which we can not make our payment for reasons that are out of our hands.

That’s why if you find yourself in that situation, you should contact a Bankinter executive as soon as possible, either by phone or by going to your nearest branch.

In this way, together you can find a way to rethink your loan so that this is not an impossible burden to sustain.

Opinions of Bankinter

Bankinter is not only a highly prestigious institution at a national level, but it has also won many international awards for its quality of service and its social responsibility, becoming one of the companies most valued by its clients and by its clients. institutions that award recognition.

Only in 2017, Bankinter has managed to position itself as one of the companies incorporated into the Dow Jones International Sustainability Index, which includes banks that have better corporate governance, better social and environmental management; at the same time that in this same year it is in the top 30 of the companies with the best reputation according to MERCO, occupying the 28th place in the general ranking and the 5th place in the sector ranking.

Bankinter has been deserving of many other awards, so you can be sure that it is a totally reliable company and that it fulfills what it promises.


If you are looking for a loan of 3000 to 90000 Euros for any personal or professional project that you want to fulfill, it is essential that you look for a prestigious and reliable institution that is clear with the payments and that helps you create flexible financing plans that allow you to make the return of your payment without major problem.

Bankinter is a prestigious bank that meets all these characteristics, so you can be sure that it will be an excellent option to ask for your personal loan or any other financial product, and to realize all the goals that you have proposed.

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