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How to Apply for Personal Loans Online

How to Apply for Personal Loans Online

Banco Pichincha is one of the leading banking institutions in Ecuador and head of Grupo Financiero Pichincha . Since its founding in 1906, Banco Pichincha has set its goals and objectives in providing the best service to its clients, which has made it what it is. today.

The activities of Banco Pichincha in Spain are aimed at serving the hundreds of Ecuadorian customers who live in different parts of the country.

And in 2010 Banco Pichincha was the first Latin American bank to obtain the license from the Spanish authorities to operate directly as a commercial bank in Spain , allowing it to further expand its financial services.

We know that the process of applying for loans in a financial institution can be complex in some cases, so it is essential to assist a bank that offers good service and administration of your time and resources; in addition to having previously been informed as best as possible about the type of loan you wish to apply for.

There is a variety of loans and different banks offer services and commissions that try to adapt to their customers, so they tend to differ. It is important that you are informed about the types of loans that exist, so that you can choose the one that best suits your particular needs in your personal case.

Banco Pichincha offers a variety of loans that we will review later, so that you can be guided in your loan application process at this financial institution.

Pichincha Mortgage Loan

 Pichincha Mortgage Loan

The first type of loan is the Mortgage Loan, since Banco Pichincha considers the need of its clients in the purchase of their home very important , they offer financing that adapts to your needs. This is a loan intended exclusively for the acquisition of your main home or second home, and can be paid in constant monthly installments, in which capital and interest are integrated.

The advantages and benefits that you will obtain when contracting a mortgage loan in Banco Pichincha are the following:

  • Preferential and personalized interest rate, so you can buy the home you want
  • In addition, you will be rewarded with the interest rate simply by domiciling your payroll or social insurance (in case of being self-employed), domicile your basic receipts, hire Banco Pichincha Credit Card and / or hire your insurance at Banco Pichincha.

The main characteristics of this type of Mortgage Loan, as well as its rates and commissions can be reviewed below:

  • Maximum amount in relation to the value of the real estate
  • First residence: Maximum amount of 80% of the lowest amount between the purchase value and the appraisal value
  • Second residence: maximum amount of 60% of the minor amount between the purchase value and the appraisal value

For example: For a home with a purchase and appraised value of 125,000 euros, the maximum amount that may result from the financing will be:

100,000 euros for first residence

 100,000 euros for first residence

75,000 euros for second residence

 75,000 euros for second residence

  • Repayment period: It is a maximum of 360 months, returning the principal and interest through constant monthly payments
  • Fixed interest rate: 2.79% annual nominal during the first 12 months. The rest of the period will be variable limited to a reference rate plus a differential.
  • Variable Interest Rate: one-year interbank reference rate (EURIBOR) published monthly by the Bank of Spain, in which case the differential to be considered will be 2.80 percentage points, with annual revisions.
  • APR: The APR applicable to the loan is 3.31%

Pichincha Autopromotor Loan

The second type of loan is the so-called Autopromotor Loan of Pichincha , this loan will help you finance the construction of your habitual residence or second home in Spain, enjoying the following advantages and benefits:

  • A competitive and personalized interest rate to build the home you want.
  • Bonuses in the interest rate by direct debit of payroll and / or contracting an insurance with Banco Pichincha Spain.

Payroll Loan Pichincha

With this next type of loan you can obtain advantages when you set up your payroll in Banco Pichincha and in this way you can access the Nomina Loan , which offers numerous advantages to make financing in your life a simpler task. The advantages offered by this type of loan are the following:

  • Up to 4% discount on your financing for having your Nomina domiciled in Banco Pichincha
  • Repayment period from 12 months to 10 years
  • Amount of up to 8 times your payroll
  • It can be used to finance your projects, trips, home renovations, change of vehicle or whatever you want.
  • Competitive and personalized interest rate.

Pichincha Personal Loan

First of all you should know that with Banco Pichinch Personal Loans you can get financing of up to € 100,000 and use that money for whatever you want.

This last type of loan is one of the most flexible and personalized that Banco Pichincha offers you, with which you can finance what you want, with the Personal Loan . So that you can make your projects and dreams come true, you are offered the following advantages with your personal loan:

  • It can be used to finance whatever you want, such as projects, trips, home renovations, vehicle change, etc.
  • Repayment period: from 12 months to 10 years
  • Competitive and personalized interest rate, depending on the client’s profile
  • TIN: From 6.45% depending on the profile of each client
  • TAE: From 6.99 to a maximum of 17.57% (in case of not fulfilling conditions)
  • Special discounts in the interest rate , to the domiciliartú Nomina and when contracting Payment Insurance with the Bank Entity
  • All the advantages of the Banco Pichincha Account, such as: 0 euros of maintenance commission, free debit card issuance and maintenance, free remittances from 250 euros, free check deposit, among other advantages.

How to apply for your personal loan Banco Pichincha Online?

If you have been interested in any of these types of loans, the best way to inform you is to approach your nearest Banco Pichincha office, or you can also inform without obligation by filling out a form at the following link on their website 

In this form you will be asked for information about the loan you are interested in contracting, information such as your project, the amount you wish to request as a loan, the term you wish, and then information such as your net monthly income, monthly expenses and your ID / NIE By sending this form a specialized agent of Banco Pichincha will contact you shortly, and without any commitment you can inform yourself about any of the types of loans offered by this bank.

Additional recommendations

As additional recommendations it is advisable that you know with certainty the amount you wish to request as a personal loan based always on your needs . Do not ask for more than you need; calculate how much you can pay in your installments, as well as the time it will take you to cover the entire loan, in addition to the frequency with which you want to make payments, that is, weekly, biweekly or monthly. Decide also if you need a personal loan with or without collateral, analyze if a fixed or variable rate loan is better and make sure to compare online loans looking for the one that offers you the interest rate and the lowest rates.

Finally remember to organize all your documentation and information required to make the loan application in such a way that you can have a better chance of getting the financing and, as far as possible, try to settle the debt as soon as possible.

Personal Reviews Banco Pichincha Online

Opinion one:

 Opinion one:

To be a relatively new bank, it has conditions for very good clients. The majority of the professionals of the entity present solutions tailored to the clients. Among the most remarkable, is that you do not need to have a large amount of money in the bank to be a prestigious customer with them. In addition, all the professionals of the entity have the training to attend and solve any problem at any time.

Opinion two:

As a wife and mother, I appreciate having a preferential cashier for women with children and seniors, since in most cases, children are uncontrollable and it is difficult to go to the bank with them. Also, since I have the account with them, the interest they charge me is really low and you know if they are going to upload any type before they do it and you do not take the surprise later, when you can not do anything.


It is one of the Ecuadorian banks with world fame and has managed to place in Spain as one of the best of the moment. Given the time they have been in Spain (since the beginning of 2009), they already have a very large number of clients.

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