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Mini credits of € 500

Mini credits of € 500

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There are no matching loans. Change the parameters to see other offers. See more offers from other banks This month I had to pay an advance to the palette that we had to do a work at home, so that we would not end up falling the roof of the bathroom on top. The fact is that we were missing 400 euros to give him the percentage he asked for as an advance of the work, and looking at the options that are on the Internet, I realized that there were many financial companies offering loans of less than 500 euros , and the truth is that I wanted to get as cheap as possible and only ask for the money we needed. So I started to filter by companies that offered this type of credits, to find the best option.

In this article, I am going to explain to you how I have obtained the loan that I was looking for, the most reliable financial and lenders, the conditions that they ask for, and also the process that must be followed so that they grant it to you as quickly as possible.

Who gives them?

There are many companies and financial companies such as the well-known Cofidis, Cetelem, Vivus, Dineo, and other lesser known sites such as SMS Credit, Mini Loan, SuCrédito or the well-known intermediary Aid & Credit, which are responsible for requesting all the documentation and confirming which It is your financial profile, to try to find the loan that suits you best. But in this article I’m talking about mini loans , so I’m going to focus on the financial ones that offer a maximum of five hundred euros or amounts not much higher than that.

Cofidis direct credit

Who does not know this financial is because he lives under a stone, because they advertise at all times on television, press and internet. It is clear that this was my first option, and I have to say that beyond advertising campaigns, the company has pleasantly surprised me for three things :

  1. They have everything very, very clear on their website, so there are no surprises.
  2. The interest rate is much lower than that of the competition.
  3. A very quick response time and loan grant.


  • Amount: from € 500 to € 4000.
  • Maximum term: 42 months.
  • Minimum term: 12 months.

My advice is that you adjust the return period as much as possible, since it is a way to save you a lot of money.

Quick Credit Currency Now

With this company you just have to select the amount of money you need and the amount you want to pay in each installment, they are responsible for sending you an offer and you tell them if you accept it or not. Once they accept your request, the money is sent instantly to your checking account.

The offers they make are unique and different for each client, so you can not know in advance the interest rate that they will charge you. To make you an offer, they are based on data such as your age, if you are already a customer and above all, because they look at your financial history with other banks and any debt you may have accumulated.

The requirements : they only ask for your DNI, be a resident in Spain and your bank account number.
Request it


  • Amount: from € 500 to € 5,000
  • Minimum term: 3 months
  • Maximum term: 3 years

Kredito24 online loan

This financial truth is that it has quite high fees, which make the operation a little more expensive, but one of the advantages they offer is that they accept clients who are registered with ASNEF. So they accept all the requests and can get you out of a hurry if you are enrolled in any file of debtors, so in any case, I encourage you to enter and send a request, to be able to assess the treatment they offer you.

It is a perfect loan to ask for an advance of the payroll or any monthly income that you can not wait for, since it is designed to be settled in a short period of time.


  • Amount: from € 75 to € 750.
  • Maximum period: 30 days.
  • Minimum term: 7 days.

General characteristics of the mini-loans

  • They are loans ranging from 50 to 900 €.
  • It is not necessary to present a guarantee.
  • The return period is short: between 5 and 30 days.
  • To request them, you need a proof of income and your ID.
  • They are granted in a maximum of 24 hours and they deposit the money in your account very fast.

Some companies do not apply interest or commissions (Vivus and Dineo) in their first loans, only when we speak of amounts not higher than € 300. I recommend that if you are looking for an advance of your monthly income and you want to get free money, you can go for my free loan article.

What about the paperwork and the conditions they ask for?

These products are known as quick credits, because they are granted small amounts of money, because the paperwork that is usually done or the documentation requested, is very scarce and easy to verify. So everything can be managed online, in a very agile and therefore can grant you the loan, literally in 10 or 15 minutes.

The way to ask for the loan

request 500 euros

  • From any of the websites of one of the financial that I mentioned, you will have access to a small credit simulator, which allows you to vary between the amount you want to ask, the fee you are going to pay, and the time period in the one you want to pay for it.
  • When you have selected what interests you and you see that the interest rate and the commissions that they indicate, they fit into your budget. You only have to fill in an online form to sign up on their website and send them the information they ask for (ID number, bank account, or a receipt, and proof of income).
  • When they have all the information in their hands, the financier will contact you, via email, by phone or SMS. And they will inform you about whether the credit has been granted. If affirmative, the lender makes the transfer and the amount granted, will be reflected in your account in a few minutes.


  • Practically everyone will ask you to be between 24 and 76 years old.
  • Be Spanish or have a permanent address in Spain.
  • The interest rate corresponding to the operation (APR) will be applied.
  • They can charge commissions for study, management or processing.
  • If you do not return the loan within the agreed period, the company can inform ASNEF.
  • Once informed of the decision, you can cancel the loan within a maximum period of 14 days.



I know many people will think: if I need 500 euros then I ask someone from my family or I look for a friend who can lend them to me. But if the people around you are not much better than your economically speaking, then you have no choice but to devise something to get that money and the joke does not go too expensive in terms of paid interests, commissions and other type of expenses.

So this has been my formula to get it, I hope my opinions help you get the money you need. For anything, you can leave your opinion, with doubts or your experience.

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